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Undergraduate Education in Energy and Environmental Policy

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ENEP Internship

An internship is required for the ENEP degree. The internship fieldwork course is designed to provide students with the opportunity for research or service experience outside of the classroom setting with an organization in the field of energy and environmental policy. The internship fulfills the University requirement for the Discovery Learning Experience through a planned and supervised learning opportunity to fulfill the educational competencies of the student's concentration and of the major.

Students may choose to intern with a nonprofit, government or research organization in the field of energy and environmental policy or with a business that provides energy or environmental services.

In order to fulfill the internship fieldwork credit, students must:

1. Submit for approval a typed description of the proposed internship with a clear indication of the value of the expected research or service to career goals.

2. Complete at least 160 hours of internship work.

3. Write a 10-12 page paper (double-spaced) detailing the research or service experience.  This paper is due upon the completion of the internship.

Internship Opportunities:

There are various opportunities for an internship with, around, and beyond UD. The process of securing an internship may take time and it is advisable that students begin early;

  1.  Carefully assess career interests and goals
  2.  Evaluate strengths and transferable skills and how these may benefit the potential internship host.
  3. Consider preferences for an internship work environment (i.e. geographic location, hours, industry).
  4. Start the search early for a possible internship host organization that would meet all the above.

Most organizations offering internships require some (or all) of the following; an application letter/ statement of interest, sample of research, CV/Resume, recommendation letters. Remember, there is plenty of help to support you on this journey. Contact UD Career Services Center for one-on-one career counselor support or contact ENEP Course coordinator for more information and insights.

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